Rehearsal & Production Space

Our Rehearsal Space is about 1,000 sq. ft. It links to our Common Space which can open up a 2,000 sq. ft. space for maximum flexibilty. It accommodates up to 40-60 persons alone, warms up musicians for a show. It can turn into a jam session, space for clinics and masterclass or even art exhibitions. Equipped with lighting system and LED video wall, we provide the most flexibility for creativity available in one single space.


Rehearal Space

Rehearsal Space (w/ Setup Service & Lighting System) One-Off Booking: HKD 650 /hr | Members: 65 credits /hr

Rehearsal Space (Venue Only) One-Off Booking: HKD 450 /hr | Members: 45 credits /hr

*Please feel free to contact us @6806 0700 for more on our full M.I. & audio list or any additional enquiry!

Guitar Amps                

Fender Twin Reverb

Marshall DSL100HR
Marshall MR1936

Bass Amp                

Ampeg SVT-7PRO Bass Head
Ampeg SVT-410HE

House Speakers                

Funktion One DSP amd Power Amplifier System

Audio Console                

Allen & Heath D-Live Mix Rack CM32
Allen & Heath D-Live C2500

Allen & Heath ME-1 Personal Monitor

Sennheiser Wireless IEM

Stage Monitor                

dB Technologies LVX10 Stage Monitor
LED Video Wall
P2.5 LED Video Wall (+HKD 500 /hr)


From Pre-Production to Post-Production, from recording & mixing to shooting & editing, SOGNO can assist you all along by helping you tailor packages with suitable professional crew for your project.

Feel free to contact us @6806 0700 to enquire for quotations on your ideas!

Private BookingHKD 2000 / hr up.
Recording Service
Sound Engineer & Audio TechnicianPlease enquire for quotation.
Lighting Technician
Video Crew & Shooting Service
Video & Audio Post-ProductionPlease enquire for quotation.
M.I. & Audio Equipment Rental

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